There are many misconceptions regarding personal injury law and in this case, ignorance is not bliss. Far too often people pursue lawsuits that are frivolous in nature, while others fail to pursue justice, thinking they do not have a legal leg to stand on. In the latter instance, insurance companies will not educate you on your rights; in fact, they often rely on the general public’s lack of knowledge regarding civil litigation.

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How can I protect myself after a car accident? – Should I sign a statement?

1. Don’t Sign a Statement or Release Your Medical Records. Insurers may ask you to provide a statement in the hopes of using it against you later. If they can show that you acted negligently, they may deny your claim or reduce the amount they pay you. In other cases, insurers may ask you to release your medical records, hoping they will find something they can argue as a pre- existing condition, thus reducing your claim.

2. Don’t Accept an Insurance Payout for Your Car
Your car constitutes evidence. Consequently, an insurer may offer you a payout for your car, especially if it was totaled in your accident. If you accept the offer, the car effectively becomes the property of the insurer. As a result, they can demolish the car, destroying any evidence that could have been relevant for your trial.

3. Don’t Accept an Injury Settlement Without Consulting an Attorney
Insurers realize it often takes weeks - if not months - for the full impact of head, neck and back injuries to be known. If a claims adjuster can convince a car accident victim to settle soon after an accident, the payout offered may not cover the full extent of lost wages, additional medical complications, or the cost of physical therapy. In most cases, a settlement offer is made contingent upon relinquishing your rights to seek additional damages later. In this respect, the prospect of an immediate payout may be used to coax car accident victims into giving up their rights to sue an insurer later.

4. Avoid Talking to Insurers Without Involving Your Attorney
An insurance claims adjuster may call you on the pretext of gathering necessary information in relation to your accident. In some cases, the call may be recorded for “quality assurance and training purposes.” Unfortunately, the insurer may be interested in getting you to say something they can later use against you at trial.


If an insurance agent calls you, it’s best to refer them to your attorney or inform them that you will not make any statements until you’ve had an opportunity to consult with your attorney.


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