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If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in a car  accident, contact the  Law Offices of .Rotstein & Shiffman today to  schedule a free consultation. We will be honored to represent you.

The law offices of Rotstein & Shiffman is a leading personal  injury law firm representing accident and injury victims throughout  Central Florida. We strive to provide our clients with the best legal  representation and are committed to helping injury victims and family  members recover financially from serious accidents. Our attorneys have  more than 30 years combined legal experience in defending the rights of  motorists seriously injured or permanently hurt on Central Florida’s  most dangerous roads and highways.

We realize the financial consequences of a car accident can be  significant and that insurance companies aren’t always willing to offer  compensation proportional to the full financial impact of an injury.  Their job is to interpret policies to minimize the required payment, in  some cases insurance providers simply refuse to pay. Rotstein &  Shiffman can help you deal with your auto insurance company as well as  handling your case against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Even  if you are not sure if you have a case, please consult with us  immediately. We may be able to help you recover compensation for all the  damages you have suffered including:

  • Lost Wages
  • Emergency Room Care
  • Physical Therapy
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization
  • Medical Equipment
  • Property Damage
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Other Debts Associated With Your Claim.

Practice Areas

 After a serious accident or injury, there are so many questions. Will I  ever recover? Who will pay my medical bills? Will I lose my house or my  car?
Our attorneys and staff understand the legal needs of those who have  been devastated by injury and are well aware of the challenges and  financial issues that confront victims and their families. The law  offices of Rotstein & Shiffman is dedicated to providing the highest  level of legal counsel to every client and will work hard to help you  recover medical expenses, punitive damages, loss of income, pain and  suffering and more.
 Our law firm has successfully represented clients in a wide range of  personal injury and insurance claims, including those involving:

 Motor Vehicle Accidents
 • Car Accidents
 • Truck Accidents
 • Truck Driver Error
 • Motorcycle Accidents
 • Defective Roadway Design and Construction
 • Work Zone Accidents

 Accidents & Injuries
 • Brain Injuries
 • Spinal Cord Injury
 • DUI Injury Cases
 • Slips and Falls
 • Animal Attacks
 • Burn Injuries
 • Amputations
 • Scarring & Disfigurement
 • Catastrophic Injury

 Insurance Issues
 • Social Security Law
 • Workers’ Compensation
 • Long Term Disability
 • Life Insurance Claims

Criminal Defense Law 


Jonathan I. Rotstein


“Every one in our society deserves a fair shot at justice  in both civil and criminal matters.  I do my best to give each and  everyone of my clients the justice they deserve.”

     I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and raised in Florida's Volusia   area.  My entire legal career has been devoted to representing people  injured due to the negligence of others.  I have had extensive jury  trial experience in both criminal court and civil court.   Additionally,  I have had thousands of administrative court hearings in both social  security and worker’s compensation cases.               I would be honored to put all  my experience to work in getting  you the justice you deserve.

     BA, University of Florida, 1982
     JD, University of Toledo, 1991

Member of:
     The Florida Bar       Federal Court Middle District Court

Legal Practice Areas:

  • auto accidents
  • slip and falls
  • dog bites and animal bites
  • workers compensation
  • social security disability
  • insurance claims

Michael Shiffman


"To an insurance company you are only another number, another case.   Don’t be another number with your attorney.  With Rotstein and Shiffman  YOU and YOUR INJURIES are always the focus, don’t be a statistic, be a  PERSON.  We would be honored to represent you."

I was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.  In 1993, I moved  to Florida and have lived here since with my wife and two children.  I  have been committed to helping injured people throughout Central  Florida, since 1997.  My primary areas of practice include personal  injury, social security disability and worker’s compensation.

BA, York University , Toronto Ontario, Canada,        1992
     JD, Nova Southeastern University, Davie, Florida, 199

Member of:
Florida Bar       Orange County Bar Association in the middle and southern districts of Florida Federal Courts       Volusia County Bar Association
     Original Member of Dunn-Blout Inns of Court, a group of lawyers and judges who must be “invited” to become a member.
     Board member of Bet Sefer Heritage School in Ormond Beach

Legal Practice Areas:

  • auto accidents
  • slip and falls
  • dog bites and animal bites
  • workers compensation
  • social security disability
  • insurance claims

Know Your Rights


There are many misconceptions regarding personal injury law and in  this case, ignorance is not bliss. Far too often people pursue lawsuits  that are frivolous in nature, while others fail to pursue justice,  thinking they do not have a legal leg to stand on. In the latter  instance, insurance companies will not educate you on your rights; in  fact, they often rely on the general public’s lack of knowledge  regarding civil litigation.

If you desire to be in the know regarding your rights, contact the law  offices of Rotstein & Shiffman for a free case evaluation. You will  never know if you have a viable case, if you don’t make the call.

In the end, what you don’t know can cost you thousands of dollars. Don’t  take that chance. Contact the law offices of Rotstein & Shiffman.

 How can I protect myself after a car accident? – Should I sign a statement?

   1. Don’t Sign a Statement or Release Your Medical Records. Insurers  may ask you to provide a statement in the hopes of using it against you  later. If they can show that you acted negligently, they may deny your  claim or reduce the amount they pay you. In other cases, insurers may  ask you to release your medical records, hoping they will find something  they can argue as a pre- existing condition, thus reducing your claim.

   2. Don’t Accept an Insurance Payout for Your Car
   Your car constitutes evidence. Consequently, an insurer may offer you a payout for your car, especially if it     was totaled in your accident. If you accept the offer, the car effectively becomes the property of the insurer. As   a result, they can demolish the car, destroying any evidence that could have been relevant for your trial.

   3. Don’t Accept an Injury Settlement Without Consulting an Attorney
   Insurers realize it often takes weeks - if not months - for the full  impact of head, neck and back injuries to     be known. If a claims adjuster can convince a car accident victim to  settle soon after an accident, the payout     offered may not cover the full extent of lost wages, additional  medical complications, or the cost of physical     therapy. In most cases, a settlement offer is made contingent upon  relinquishing your rights to seek additional     damages later. In this respect, the prospect of an immediate payout  may be used to coax car accident victims into giving up their rights to  sue an insurer later.

4.  Avoid Talking to Insurers Without Involving Your Attorney
   An insurance claims adjuster may call you on the pretext of gathering necessary information in relation to     your accident. In some cases, the call may be recorded for “quality assurance and training purposes.” Unfortunately,   the insurer may be interested in getting you to say something they can later use against you at trial.

If an insurance agent calls you, it’s best to refer them to your  attorney or inform them that you will not make any statements until  you’ve had an opportunity to consult with your attorney.

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Regardless of whether you’ve been injured or have lost a family  member in a car accident, our personal injury attorneys have the  knowledge and experience needed to help you. To schedule a free  consultation and discuss your case, contact The Law Offices of Rotstein  & Shiffman today.

Frequently Asked Questions


• What is a statute of limitations?

• What does the term “no fault” mean?

• Why should I carry Uninsured Motorist Protection?

• I fell at a place of business, and I have no health Insurance, who will pay my bills?

• I received a letter from my health insurance stating they are seeking subrogation.

                         What does that mean?   

• What does contingency fee mean?

• How do I know what doctors to go to?

• My car is too damaged to drive, what do I do?

• I was in an accident over one week ago. I was feeling fine, but now I’m in pain. Is it

   too late  to go to the doctor?   

• I live out of state, but I was injured in Florida. Can I do anything about it?

• Can I reach one of the attorneys on the weekend?

• I was injured in North Florida, but your office is in Central Florida, can you help me?

What is a statute of limitations?

 For example, the statute of limitations in most personal injury actions  in Florida is 4 years. That means if you do not file a lawsuit against  the responsible party within 4 years, you will be forever barred from  collecting compensation. The statute of limitations in a medical  malpractice case is 2 years. If you have any type of lawsuit you wish to  file, you must contact an attorney immediately to determine what the  appropriate statute of limitations is for your case. 

What does the term “no fault” mean?

 No fault insurance is also known as personal injury protection (PIP).  Every person who owns a car in the State of Florida is required to carry  PIP insurance. It is called no fault because your own PIP will pay a  percentage of your lost wages and medical bills regardless of who was at  fault for the accident. Every PIP insurance policy must contain at  least $10,000.00 in coverage. Therefore, if you are involved in an  automobile collision in Florida, you may be entitled to $10,000.00 in  PIP benefits immediately. 

Why should I carry Uninsured Motorist Protection?

 Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) coverage is not required by the  State of Florida, but it is an important part of anyone’s auto insurance  policy. If you are involved in an auto accident, and the responsible  party did not have insurance to cover your injuries, your uninsured  motorist policy will pay for your injuries, even though the accident was  not your fault. If the  responsible party had some insurance, but not  enough, the underinsured  motorist provision of your UM policy will pay  you above and beyond what  the responsible person’s insurance carrier  paid. 

I fell at a place of business, and I have no health Insurance, who will pay my bills?

 Many business and property owners carry medpay insurance. Medpay will  pay your bills up to the maximum amount if you are injured on their  premises. Many times, though, the medpay insurance is not sufficient to  pay all of your bills. The Law Offices of Rotstein & Shiffman are  representing you, we will make sure that you get the medical treatment  you need. We will sign an agreement with your doctors to pay them from  your settlement with your consent. Our primary concern is your health  and we will do everything possible to make sure you receive the medical  attention you need. 

My health insurance is stating they are seeking subrogation. What does that mean?

 If your health insurance carrier pays for your medical treatment, they  have the right of subrogation. This means that they have the right to be  reimbursed for the money that they spent on your medical bills.  However, Florida Statutes 768.76 states that the health insurance  company must take the same percentage off their lien that the injured  party had to pay in attorneys’ fees. So, if the attorneys’ fees were 33  1/3%, then the health insurance company must take at least 33 1/3% off  of their lien. The Rotstein & Shiffman will negotiate on your behalf  to ensure that the health insurance company takes as little as  possible. 

What does contingency fee mean?

 A contingency fee arrangement is one in which the law firm receives  payment based on a percentage of your recovery. Historically, attorneys  charge by the hour and the clients pay the costs. However, an attorney  may invest hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars in costs. The  attorneys fees and costs would be out of reach for most people who are  injured, especially if they are not working due to the injury. The  Florida Bar allows attorneys to work on a percentage basis so that  anyone can afford to hire a lawyer for a personal injury case. Some law  firms still make clients pay the costs of the lawsuit even if they do  not recover money.  Rotstein & Shiffman never charge costs or fees  to a client if they do not receive compensation. 

How do I know what doctors to go to?

 The Rotstein & Shiffman Law Firm will assist you in selecting the doctors  that are right for you. Over the years, we have learned which doctors  treat certain injuries effectively. We have also noted their credibility  for in-court testimony. You are always free to go to the doctor of your  choosing however, we will assist you in your selection. 

My car is too damaged to drive, what do I do?

 We will  assist you in having your vehicle repaired and in obtaining a  rental  car. The responsible party’s insurance company will pay for  this. In  the event that the responsible party does not have insurance,  we will  contact your insurance company to verify that you have required   coverage. 

I was in an accident over one week ago. Now I’m in pain, is it too late to late to go to the doctor?

 Absolutely not, this is a common situation. Once you do feel the pain, it is important to see a doctor right away. 

I live out of state, but I was injured in Florida. Can I do anything about it?

 No matter where you live, if you are injured in Florida, you have the  right to seek compensation. You may treat with your doctors wherever it  is you live, and Rotstein & Shiffman will pursue your case in  Florida for you. 

I was injured on I-4 while on vacation but live in S. Florida, can you help me?

 Although our office is located in Central Florida, our attorneys handle  cases throughout the State of Florida. Our attorneys are admitted by to  practice throughout the State of Florida by the Florida Supreme Court  and in the Middle and Southern District Federal Courts. 

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